We recently finished a new video for Nottingham’s very own We Show Up On Radar. Their heart warming tune ‘The Anchors In Your Heart’ is accompanied by a beautiful video featuring a giant creature that wanders the streets looking for a friend.

We shot the whole thing in two days with a few days design & prep beforehand. The puppet/creature design by Amy Nicholson was the main challenge. An 8 foot tall monster creates its own problems when shooting, not only for the film crew but also the performer. The creature took two days to make an has four interchangeable faces to convey different emotions. The hands are bamboo and inspired by Papua New Guinea witch doctor traditional dress.



Head Carving

We produced four head carvings with different expressions; happy, sad, shocked and content. They were made from insulation foam covered in papier mache for strength and painted using a predominantly greyscale pallet.

Body Construction

In creating a large scale costume it’s essential to keep the structure as light as possible, therefore the heads were mounted on a body plate which was made from card and gum strip. The heads were made interchangeable by using velcro strips. The actor was secured into the costume which was made comfortable using foam padding.




The creature’s long spiky fingers were inspired by an image of a Papua New Guinea witch doctor. They were constructed from bamboo and mounted on gloves. The look was finished with a combination of wadding, latex and paintwork.


We designed and made the bespoke costume using red velvet fabric which was weathered, stained and painted.

The costume not only had to complete a believable and interesting character but also had to provide easy access for the actor; movement to give life to the character yet still allow the actor to see and move.


You can watch the Making Of below.