Last year we finished work on our first short film project, The Wraith.  As visual artists, the film was a challenge as its narrative is told purely through poetry.  The writing process was one of experimentation and discovery which resulted in a harrowing tale of a young woman trapped between two worlds.



From director Tom Walsh and narrated by Bernard Hill, The Wraith tells the story of a young woman trapped in limbo between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

In a dark stone room a disheveled young woman kneels in the gloom, her head down in the prayer position. Slowly she lifts her body to reveal a withered face. The narrator speaks – a kindly voice tells us of the woman’s story.

Having lost a coin for the boatman she became trapped in a world of beauty and ugliness created by her own mind. Her home is a shrine of cold stone and iron bars. Now she is a twisted figure of her former self; forgetful and paranoid.

The woman begins a ritual, checking her shrine. Placing objects as they should be; petting her creatures, lighting candles. She sits again and takes a box filled with strange objects, scraps of fabric, needles and thread. She starts to piece together some sort of creature. As she does so she falls into a narcoleptic stupor and falls to the floor, entering her world of dreams…

In this world she wanders and scavenges the landscape, searching for curios to use as the building blocks for her companions. Buttons, rose petals, insects; whatever takes her fancy will go with her back to her waking realm where she will use them to construct her creatures, bringing them to life with a gift that she has been granted. The gift of life that she may use on others but not on herself.

But her creatures and dreams only dull the pain, they don’t cure it. She longs for forgiveness and forever searches for the way home. She is taunted by foul demons from hell and visited by souls of lovers from her former life. Each teasing, tormenting and confusing in equal measure.

A beautiful score and poetic narration accompany this melancholy tale of longing and the search for forgiveness. The Wraith takes the audience through our world and into the next where dreams are reality and reality is a fading memory.

The Wraith is the fourth short film from Urban Apache Films and features art direction by Amy Nicholson and introduces Angharad Jones as The Wraith.


The small crew was made up of Polymathematics members Tom Walsh (Director) and Amy Nicholson (Art Director) as well as award winning film makers from Urban Apache Films. We shot the film on location in Nottingham and Lincoln over a three day period.


The Wraith has so far made the official selection for the Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2011 and the British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin 2012.

The Wraith recently won the Best Freefall category at the Limelight Awards 2012.