We’ve just finished the new pop music video for the amazing We Show Up On Radar. It was shot with lots of loving care and attention with some lovely (now) graduates from Nottingham Trent University. The promo tells the story of a puppet version of WSUOR frontman, Andy, alone in the forest. As he laments his situation he is suddenly joined by a whole host of cute forest dwelling musicians and fans.

The shoot took place over two days and involved shooting a mixture of live action puppetry and performance as well as some chroma key (blue screen) elements. We spent a couple of weeks in post adding 3D and 2D elements in After Effects and C4D to create the virtual forest environment, dust particles, light rays and the transition between day and night that happens near the end of the video.

Production Designer, Amy Nicholson, has a great blog post about the whole production process here!

And look out for the behind-the-scenes video, coming soon!

We hope you like it! We certainly enjoyed making it.

Many thanks to the boys from BESQ for helping us out with the RED Epic and Scarlet cameras!