Yesterday the Polymathematics team went to Jagprops in Bristol for the final assembly of Puppit + Digit.


It was a mad rush but we managed to get the puppets finished and wired up with the touch screens, GoPros and speakers.

We worked with Jagprops to make the final adjustments in order to fit the hardware into position and get the software up and running.




There were a few challenges – particularly getting the harness to fit when all the hardware was in position but we figured it out in the end!

We also needed to test the puppets in terms of movement, so this gave us an opportunity to do that and make a few changes as we went.




Today we start auditions for our other puppeteers and from next week we will be BETA testing and rehearsing with the new puppeteers ready for the first shows in June.

We’ll also be running a session with Sean Myatt from Nottingham Trent University’s Puppetry MA course to help explore how the puppets move and interact with people.