We took Puppit + Digit out for their first live audience BETA test this weekend in Faversham…..and the people loved them!

As part of the production process it’s vital for us to be able to test the puppets on a live audience and guage the reaction as well as test the functionality of the puppets and the hardware/software.

So we went out into Faversham and introduced the puppets to a few unsuspecting people! The interactions were great and although it seemed like a slow start that needed prompting from an usher, the interactions eventually flowed really well with very little intervention at all.


As part of Puppit + Digit’s unique interactivity they each have a screen and camera that will allow an audience member to log data into their ‘memory banks’, for example, share video, photos or text. So, below is the data that Puppit + Digit collected from this first live audience test.


Puppit’s messages:


Puppit’s photos: