Not so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Two mysterious life-forms set out on a journey to explore new worlds and learn about the cosmos.

On New Year’s Eve they entered our solar system and this Summer they will arrive on planet Earth!

Welcome Puppit + Digit! Robotic alien life-forms from the Andromeda Galaxy!

Brought to you by Polymathematics and in association with Applause Rural Touring and PANeK, Puppit + Digit are a unique pair of life-sized robotic puppets.

Applause Outdoors 212 will play host to the lovable pair as they take to the streets of Kent and East Sussex to learn about the people, the places and the goings-on during the build up to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Using their technologically advanced sensors, you’ll be able to share your stories with Puppit + Digit by logging your videos, photos and written words into their memory banks. Join in the interactive fun as they meet new friends the world over!

Help them learn about our planet and explore their experiences. Share your interactions at and on your favourite social networks. Become best friends with these intergalactic travelers before they continue on their journey through the cosmos.

Commissioned by Applause Outdoors 212: a project of Applause Rural Touring and PANeK (Performing Arts Network Kent).